UNAPHARMA, a digital medicine reservation platform, will launch its delivery service and a buy now, pay later (BNPL) option in January 2023.  

“The BNPL option will allow customers to purchase medicine with less worry, allowing them to focus on getting better instead of the cost of the medicines themselves,” said Alexander Goriainov, chief executive officer of Una Marketplace, Inc., in a Dec. 9 e-mail.  

A hotline with registered pharmacists and a prescription refill service are also in the pipeline for the first quarter of next year.  

UnaPharma, which allows customers to compare drug prices, has 400 pharmacies on its platform. It requires its members to have a license to operate from the Food and Drug Administration.   

“Some of them, for now, are just exploring its digital services; we conduct training sessions for them so they could start adding their medicines and processing orders,” said Mr. Goriainov, who founded UnaPharma after he had to visit more than five pharmacies to find the eye drops that were prescribed to him for an eye infection. 

Statista values the Philippine digital health market at $684 million, with 12.7% growth potential for 2022–2027.  

Robocash Group, a Singapore-headquartered fintech holding company, is UnaPharma’s only investor. — Patricia B. Mirasol