Image via InterVenn

INTERVENN BIOSCIENCES, a US-based biotech firm, is hiring 100 full-time employees in the Philippines as it prepares to open a new office in Podium’s West Tower in Mandaluyong City.  

More than half of the Philippine team will be composed of software developers. The rest will handle IT (information technology), cybersecurity, and UX (user experience).  

“We expect to be over 150 employee-strong in 2022,” said Randy N. Barr, InterVenn’s chief information security officer, in an e-mail to BusinessWorld. “We are taking advantage of some of the great talent in the Philippines — not just for our software development team but also for security skillset, including individuals with good experience in IT, to support our growing organization.”  

The new site, set to open on Jan. 15, 2022, expands the local team’s roster of developers and engineers that form the backbone running the company’s proprietary artificial-intelligence (AI) technology.  

Group3 Design studio has been commissioned for its construction as well as for its design, which Mr. Barr says promotes natural osmosis and collaboration.  

“One hundred percent of our software is done in the Philippines,” InterVenn’s Chief Executive Officer Aldo Carrascoso said in a press statement. “Our engineering team in our [present] Mandaluyong City office takes care of the cloud infrastructure, frontend, backend, and even security.”  

Close to a billion pesos will be funneled to the company’s Philippine operations for 2021–2022.  

“We love the culture that is inherent within Filipinos in our work spaces,” Mr. Barr told BusinessWorld. “We will blend that [culture] with the flexibility that most tech startups have but we will adjust it to fit [with] InterVenn.”  

InterVenn is a pioneer in glycoproteomic research and development, and employs a platform run by artificial intelligence and mass spectrometry (which characterizes and sequences different proteins) to help advance cancer solutions and other related initiatives.   

More information on job openings is found at the company’s career page. — Patricia B. Mirasol