GT Capital’s synergic approach to disruption

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In the 21st century, disruptions abound. Companies large and small must contend with the challenges of an ever-changing corporate environment. At the same time, consumers seek out services that cater to their needs more efficiently. In this milieu of constant change, businesses must be agile and adept — at once masters in their respective fields as well as innovators advocating continuous improvement.

GT Capital Holdings, Inc. is aware of the many disruptions in the business landscape, as a listed major Philippine conglomerate with interests in market-leading companies across an array of industries, such as banking, automotive assembly, importation, wholesaling, dealership, and financing, property development, infrastructure and utilities, and insurance. As the primary vehicle for the holding and management of the diversified business interests of the Ty family in the Philippines, the corporation has to keep abreast of the various developments in each of the sectors it is present.

Today, GT Capital owns market-dominant businesses in five vital, underpenetrated high-growth sectors that drive the Philippine economy, namely banking (Metrobank), automotive (Toyota), property development (Federal Land and Pro-Friends), insurance (AXA Philippines), and infrastructure and utilities (Metro Pacific).
As these industries experience significant changes in the way they do business, GT Capital’s component companies strive to provide even more innovative solutions to consumers by embracing disruption.

“To navigate in this age of various disruptions, GT Capital harnesses the expertise of its global strategic partners in this age of disruption. Instead of merely surviving in an ever-changing disruptor-filled economic environment, GT Capital and its component companies lead at the cutting edge of their various sectors,” the company said.
According to GT Capital, a key element in its business model is the establishment of long-term, strategic partnerships with best-of-class global brands. As these leading entities lend their expertise and technology to each venture, GT Capital provides valuable, in-depth local knowledge and access to capital, among others. These mutually beneficial alliances enable the ventures to be competitive if not dominant.

“Examples of this are Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation, the country’s number one auto company, Federal Land’s unique joint venture with Isetan Mitsukoshi and Nomura Real Estate, Metrobank’s partnership with ORIX Corporation, a Japanese pioneer in leasing, and AXA Philippines, one of the country’s pioneering insurers,” GT Capital said.

Embracing the age of disruption, GT Capital’s component companies continue to introduce innovative solutions for their respective markets. Metrobank recently launched its new mobile app that lets customers bank securely on the go. Toyota Motor Philippines is at the forefront of nation-building via its participation in the government’s CARS program, which aims to increase the local content of vehicles manufactured in the country. Federal Land’s innovative approach to social media contributes to the efficiency of the property company’s strong sales force. Pro-Friends uses innovative pre-cast technology to provide quality affordable homes for Filipino families. AXA recently opened its Shared Services Center in Manila to boost the productivity of its global business.

In addition to this, the company boasts that it has one of the most well-defined synergy stories among Philippine conglomerates.
“Our component companies benefit from vast cross-selling opportunities within the group. AXA Philippines, to illustrate, uses the branch network of Metrobank to market its bancassurance products. Similarly, Toyota vehicle sales are often financed by car loans from Metrobank, its subsidiary PSBank, and Toyota Financial Services Philippines,” the company said.

GT Capital is also taking the initiative by implementing a strategic vision aimed at strengthening the existing synergies among its component companies, expanding into sectors it is currently involved in, and venturing into new, underpenetrated markets of the Philippine economy.

All of this is in accordance with the strong principles and values that the company’s founder, Chairman Emeritus Dr. George S.K. Ty, has imbued the company with.

“While success in business is a source of pride, our contribution to nation-building gives us even greater satisfaction,” Dr. Ty said.

Through disruptions and the opportunities, GT Capital remains focused on the thrust to continue Dr. Ty’s mission of building the Filipino nation through helping the customers of the conglomerate’s component companies achieve their dreams—of starting a business through Metrobank, owning a quality vehicle through Toyota Motor Philippines, building a home through Federal Land and Pro-Friends, securing one’s family through AXA Philippines, and providing infrastructure and utilities through Metro Pacific.

“We will be a world-class conglomerate, dominant in all the key sectors where it is invested, most sought after by global investors seeking opportunities for strategic partnership in the Philippines, and a major contributor to nation-building,” the company said.

With that vision in mind, GT Capital Holdings, Inc. pushes forward as a Philippine conglomerate with a strategic business portfolio that has a heritage of leadership in the vital sectors of financial services, automotive assembly and distribution, property development, insurance, infrastructure and utilities that are essential to national progress.

“Anchored on our core values of integrity, competence, excellence, respect, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to value creation, we fulfill our mission to ensure sustainable long-term profitability, increase shareholder value, create synergies, provide career opportunities, and contribute to nation-building,” the company said.