Gordon calls for hike in military budget

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Richard Gordon

Senator Richard J. Gordon on Tuesday, July 3, called for an increased budget of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in order to build up the country’s defense capability, especially in dealing with the territorial dispute over the South China Sea.

“It is a folly for the Philippines to remain weak, dependent and reliant. To continue to undermine our defense capacity is an absolute folly and makes allies and ill-minded countries to look at us with derision. It makes us lose our dignity and self-respect. Let’s be friends with our neighbors, build up our alliances in Asia, but build up a credible defense capability. No other country will help us if they see we are not serious about helping ourselves with a reliable defense in air, and naval assets,” he said in a statement.

“By doing so, the whole world will respect us and prospective supporters will support us because we are showing our commitment to help ourselves,” he added. — Camille A. Aguinaldo