Go Motion: Led by vision, backed by technology

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Many businesses have become successful through the guidance of their vision and the help of proper tools and technologies. This is true for Go Motion, a production house based in Makati City, founded in 2012 by six people who shared a grand goal.

“We had a vision for what a 21st-century production house could be — full of creative talent that works on groundbreaking work. We wanted to be the change we wanted to see in our industry,” said EJ Angeles, co-founder of Go Motion.

From its humble beginnings as a corporate media supplier, Go Motion expanded its services one step at a time. In 2015, it started producing television commercials for top brands in the Philippines and abroad. Soon after, they included creative and strategic planning in their wide range of services

Go Motion has also started producing films and shows. Notably, in 2017, it created Playhouse Studio, an innovation unit tasked to break new grounds in video design, technology, and consumption.

As much as Go Motion expanded its services, it has catered to many local and international brands and even pitched content for many streaming services. Its great work through time earned them prestigious awards inside and outside the country.

This profound growth of Go Motion into an integrated video agency was possible through the vision they carried with them. For Mr. Angeles, Go Motion’s vision was not only their starting point. It has been their guiding star.

Along with the vision, technology has served as Go Motion’s tool in building up and growing their business. Technology has helped them not only in terms of production but also in terms of task management.

“Technology has enabled us to take out menial tasks from some of our employees such as traffic managers, production managers, producers, film directors, editors in post production, all the way to staff in support services,” Mr. Angeles explained. “Technology helps us both ways: make our work easier, better, more time-efficient; and at the same time create things we have never thought of creating three to five years ago.”

As Go Motion has successfully reached where they are now, they still aim for greater heights.

“We envision our work to be on every screen — may it be television, your laptop, mobile phone, out of home billboards, movie theaters, everywhere. That’s where we know we have made it,” Mr. Angeles said.

“When we have made it, we want to pave the way for our employees to have ownership on our company so that it continues — even without its founding members — to grow and have high impact work not only in the Philippines but in the ASEAN market,” he added.

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