Gearing up frontline and back-end heroes in the new normal

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Technology has proven to be invaluable during the pandemic, allowing businesses to continue operations in spite of rigid quarantine measures through remote work. Those on the frontlines, primarily healthcare workers, public servants, and other essential roles, continue to rely on technology to manage resources, compile medical databases, and keep the country running.

Now more than ever, the availability of reliable solutions and devices is crucial. Global IT brand HP provides solutions designed for remote work–from its notebook series, to display solutions, to a whole ecosystem of accessories, the company has designed its product offerings to help end users make the most of the remote work setup. In addition, HP maintains a global Business Continuity Management (BCM) program that aims to take a holistic, company-wide approach to ensure all aspects of its work, from the beginning of the supply chain to the end-point, continue to operate seamlessly.

“We at HP are committed to providing a safe work environment and ensuring the continuity of our operations even under the most challenging circumstances,” the company said. “Upon news of the initial outbreak in China, we immediately activated our global BCM program. Although the situation remains fluid, we continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and have implemented precautionary measures.”

To this end, the company noted, HP follows the guidelines set forth by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and local and national governments.

Resilience amid the COVID-19 pandemic


Through its global BCM program, HP has fortified its operations to remain resilient in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, giving organizations and companies uninterrupted access to its products and services.

“We know that millions of people around the globe count on HP, and that the outbreak of COVID-19 has only intensified that reliance. That’s why we’re firmly committed to the assessment and assurance of supplies necessary to maintain our global products and services,” HP said.

Components for HP’s products come from a complex global network of manufacturing sites. Each year, HP conducts a comprehensive supply chain analysis, mapping key sites and documenting recovery and mitigation strategies. Most HP factories in the area heavily affected by COVID-19 are back up and running, and productivity is steadily increasing.

“Our efforts are now focused on continuing to scale productivity in each factory, working closely with our component suppliers and shipping providers to expedite orders as quickly as possible. Order status and potential delays on existing customer orders and/or repairs continue to be reflected in HP systems and are regularly updated, including notifications via email upon order shipment or if an order is delayed,” the company said.

HP’s BCM program takes a holistic, enterprise-wide approach in order to ensure end-to-end continuity across its value chain, with goals to maximize HP’s ability to continue to deliver products and services seamlessly while minimizing the impact to HP’s partners, customers and communities.

The BCM’s collaborative planning process involves identifying critical business processes and operations/activities, assessing risks and potential impacts, and developing strategies to mitigate any disruptions to operations. The entire process takes measures to implement plans and processes for rapid and effective response, management and recovery from events, as well as monitor, review, train staff, exercise and continually improve those strategies and plans.

The BCM program serves as a critical mechanism to gauge HP’s overall preparedness and resiliency, address the continuance of critical business operations, and to provide a solid foundation to address risks on an enterprise-wide basis, even in dynamic situations such as those presented by COVID-19.

Empowering the Filipino HP Community

HP has also gone to great lengths to safeguard its customers and partners while still meeting their business needs.

The company contact centers have cross-trained agents to manage multiple queues, established access to work-from-home technology for agents, and are leveraging chat, social and web support options for customers and partners where needed.

Meanwhile, for on-site services, HP has defined operating health and safety protocols to ensure that technicians are healthy and remain healthy on visits. The company is also collaborating with customers to make sure that onsite visits maximize productivity during the time spent on-site.

For situations that prohibit on-site services due to quarantine, the company has also established an expanded remote-resolve and mail-in process to accommodate customer and partner needs. For remote-resolve services, HP’s Service Engineers will be available to remotely assist customers, with increased customer support operations through our global support website for customers and partners needing assistance during this time. HP also updated its 24/7 Virtual Agent regularly with the latest information. For customer diagnostics and support videos, customers can always leverage Diagnostics for HP PC & printers and HP Support videos.

All resources, services and solutions are available to Philippine customers through authorized HP resellers and partners. Integrated Computer Systems, Inc. is an HP Platinum Partner, servicing customers nationwide. For more information, feel free to talk to your ICS contact person at