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Most of us founders are so driven that we never want to stop working,” Ia Hernandez, founder of health startup FitAcess, said in a forum in Makati City last January. “We just want to work on our business all day. But what good is success if you’re not healthy enough to enjoy it?”
Working out, Hernandez said, is beneficial for startup founders as it boosts a person’s productivity by 12%.
“Imagine the extra work that you can do with that extra boost,” she added. “Working out is scientifically proven to make you happier. It combats anxiety, it combats depression, and it gives you a general sense of well being.”
Her advice for startup founders: “List down all the things you do in a day, then see how many hours you spend to do them. After that, reassess what gives value to your personal development and adds value to your startup development, then take away all the unnecessary things. Use those extra hours for physical activities.”
Here are three ways to maintain a good workout habit, according to Hernandez:

Move more.

Start each day by telling your body that you have to move more. When you do so, your body will most likely get into it.
Easy ways to follow this include walking around the office, taking the stairs, and walking over to colleagues instead of sending emails.

Treat your workout as a regular schedule or meeting

Allot even as little as 15 to 30 minutes to work out and commit to it. Startup founders should be as committed to their workout plans as they are committed to their clients or investors.

Work out with a group

Working with other people from the company can help startup founders to cultivate a healthy culture in the team. It’s more motivating to workout with colleagues, interns and employees. It’s also a chance to bond with the whole group.