For good professional makeup artists only

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CELEBRATING THE “long and solid relationship” between the country’s makeup artists and arguably the country’s largest department store, the SM Store Beauty section has announced that selected members of the makeup industry will be given a PRO card — a discount card for all their cosmetic needs.

“We’ve always had a very close association with the top makeup artists of the Philippines. So this is one way to reward them,” Viki Encarnacion, marketing director of Watsons Personal Care Stores., Phils., during the launch on April 27 at SM Makati.

The discount card — not to be confused with the company’s existing rewards cards: SM Advantage and SM Prestige — will offer 10% discount for all purchases (“sale or no sale,” said Ms. Encarnacion) made at all the SM Store Beauty Section in the country.

Currently, the PRO card is only extended to what Ms. Encarnacion described as the “crème-de la-crème” of the makeup industry.

Two hundred fifty makeup artists were chosen to receive the cards including Fanny Serrano, Jesi Mendez, James Cooper, Jigs Mayuga, and Jake Galvez.

The cards will be valid until the end of 2018. After the prescribed period, makeup artists will once again be screened to see if their cards will be renewed for a further period.

Those interested in applying for the card must undergo a screening process, Ms. Encarnacion said.

“I’m sure a lot of people would want to get hold of a discount card because as makeup artists, you use a lot of things — not only makeup but tools including supplies like cotton, cotton buds, tissue paper and all that,” she said.

Interested makeup artists must send the unit a message and their portfolio, then they will undergo a screening process. Although Ms. Encarnacion did not give details about the application process, she said they are open “to whoever is interested because we also want to limit this to the good, professional artists.”

“We’re making it an exclusive feature for makeup artists,” she said. — Zsarlene B. Chua