This year’s celebration of Chinese New Year ushers in the Year of the Metal Ox. Coming from a very disruptive year that even turned forecasts around, many who continue to embrace ancient Chinese traditions still look forward to what this new lunar year projects for themselves, from their relationships to their wealth.

This year’s zodiac animal, the ox or buffalo, comes second in the Chinese calendar. According to, a myth narrates that the order of the animals would be decided by the order in which they arrived at the Jade Emperor’s party. Ox was about to arrive first, but the Rat tricked the Ox into giving him a ride. Upon their arrival, the Rat jumped down and landed ahead of the Ox, making the latter second in order.

Furthermore, the Ox is linked with hard work, discipline, loyalty, a fair appreciation of tangible reality, honesty, earnestness.

For such characteristics, the Year of the Metal Ox apparently gives a brink of optimism, which American Professional astrologer and feng shui consultant Susan Levitt shares.

“The Ox is a powerful animal who has the ability to transform the negative challenges of Rat year 2020 into positive outcomes in 2021. Ox can save us from disaster, and help reconstruct because Ox is a builder,” Ms. Levitt explained on her website.

However, Filipino feng shui expert Hanz Cua somehow differs from this view. In a report from One News on New Year’s Eve, Mr. Cua said that the Year of the Metal Ox might be a tough year since the fire element — which supposedly attracts prosperity — is missing in the new lunar year.

“Based on my predictions, the charts, and the guides, I see 2021 will possibly be more difficult in terms of financial, in terms of opportunities, [and] in terms of money,” Mr. Cua explained in Filipino.

On the other hand, Marites Allen, often called “The Queen of Feng Shui,” considers 2021 to be a favorable year for economic recovery and long-term investments, as well as emotional and spiritual reconstruction.

“We’re not yet out of the woods, but the fourth quarter of the year may be better as the economy starts to work again. The world has changed and everyone has to change. And it takes us, as a person, to really make a change,” Ms. Allen was quoted as saying in a story from PhilSTAR Life.

Rewards for hard work

For businesses, a positive outlook is painted for those who work hard. “Those who conduct their business with seriousness and commitment will be able to receive appreciation for their respective environments,” astrology website KarmaWeather wrote.

Recognizing, however, that the energetic nature of the Ox makes it more difficult for new products to emerge, the website advised companies to capitalize on their intrinsic qualities in order to guarantee the efficiency of their production and communication.

Moreover, medium and large businesses are advised to be particularly honest and transparent when interacting with colleagues, particularly with managers.

“The qualities of initiative circumscribed to the values of loyalty and perfectionism, themselves nourished by an exacerbated realism, are likely to be the most coveted professional assets in 2021,” the website added.

In terms of what businesses are expected to prosper this year, Mr. Cua sees transportation, food, and essential businesses to continuously grow. He also sees technology-related businesses as good prospects.

“Businesses that have to do with computers, the Internet, and cellphones are still very popular in 2021,” Mr. Cua said in another televised interview, adding that businesses related to visuals are also recommended.

Ms. Allen also expects anything related to the Internet, connectivity, e-commerce, computers, and technology to thrive. She added that the Year of the Metal Ox gives a healthy prospect on anything pharmaceutical, health, and wellness.


Rats are expected to experience better luck as well as a serene year. Ms. Allen warns of health concerns “owing to the illness energies of the year.”

Aligned to the present lunar year, the Oxen are projected by KarmaWeather to have “a prosperous period focused on construction, material stability, and the strengthening of emotional unions.” Ms. Allen expects for them “lots of happy events especially in the areas of business.”

Amid a somewhat difficult year announced to them, tigers are told Allen to expect change, but not be overwhelmed with responsibilities that come their way.

Rabbits are called to let things come to them at first and take the time to analyze the opportunities presented to them. They may need to take a breather and step back whenever they feel overwhelmed.

With a moderate year presaged for Dragons, carefulness is advised, using fast thinking skills and paying more attention to things.

Opportunities are on the way of Snakes for this year, albeit they are warned not to trust too much on their intuition and continue to capitalize on pre-existing achievements.

Horses can finally breathe a sigh of relief this year, according to Ms. Allen, and so they can start rebuilding and putting things in place.

Goats or Sheeps are advised to safeguard their finances and prove themselves to the industry they are in as the year is expected to give them a “bumpy ride.”

Amid “a hectic and sometimes annoying year” for them, Monkeys are expected to find new markets to invest in; yet they are advised to improve on their negotiation skills.

Roosters are predicted to excel in their career and wealth as long as they trust in their abilities and carry their team along at the same time.

Dogs are called to be patient, even hesitant in starting new important projects. The elements of the year are expected to give them the desire to grow and they will be able to think outside the box.

While it may not be a smooth journey for them this year, with good professional prospects offsetting a relative slowdown in love, Pigs or Boars are encouraged to seek opportunities to help them grow and avoid succumbing to excesses. — Adrian Paul B. Conoza