With the holiday cheer and celebrations, there always comes the frustration of not knowing what your friends and loved ones would want for a Christmas gift. Cash is always welcome for anyone, for sure, but there is a unique kind of satisfaction in giving someone a gift that perfectly suits the kind of person they are.

Just a little thought or preparation can show your loved ones how much you treasure the role they play in your life. But that does not make the process of coming up with what to give them any easier.

Of course, the perfect gift is always the one that is well-thought and personally meaningful for both the giver and the receiver, but it doesn’t hurt to get some inspiration. To help with that, we have come up with a helpful list of ideal Christmas gifts for different types of people.

For the music lovers and musicians:

Perhaps you’ve seen them strum up a storm with their guitar at a recent party, or know them to be the person who always gets a perfect 100 on karaoke night. The best gifts for these people are likely anything that would support their passion for music.

Maybe they like K-Pop and support a particular boy or girl group? Get them the group’s merchandise! Are they die-hard fans of the Beatles or Taylor Swift? Maybe get them books on their favorite artists or even vinyl records of their favorite albums.

Got friends who have varied musical tastes? Perhaps quality earphones or headphones or a subscription to their music streaming platform of choice. Give guitar strings, piano sheet music, or drum sticks to the musicians you know.

For the visual art lovers and creatives:

You always see them sketching away during their downtime at the office, they might love taking pictures and putting them up on Instagram, or they watch and recommend animated movies or television series on Facebook. These types of people love the visual medium and like seeing their world with color and style.

Fortunately, their wish is easily fulfilled. There are a number of things you can get art lovers, from posters, photography accessories such as film, memory cards or camera straps, art materials like paints, brushes or tools, or even just a tote bag for their gear and supplies. If your artist or photographer friend offers their services for a commission, you can even score bonus points with them by promoting and supporting their work!

For the technology gurus:

You know them to be reliable founts of information regarding the latest smartphone releases. They know their way around the internet, and maybe they have even helped you fix a pesky glitch on your computer. These people enjoy staying up-to-date on the latest tech developments and feeling like they are on the cutting edge of a tech-crazy world.

Fret not, you don’t have to buy the latest iPhone to please tech gurus. There are a lot of options that can still show you care about their interests without breaking the bank, from external hard drives, smartphone accessories like covers, protective screens, or keyrings, USB ports, or even just a piece of software or video game that you know they like.

For the fitness and outdoor enthusiasts:

They are the first people to sign up for the company’s gym membership. As friends, they invite you to elaborately-planned trips to faraway beaches or to hiking trails climbing a mountain. You know them to be sports fans and they are always up for a game or two.

Clothes matter a lot for an active lifestyle, especially clothes that are durable, flexible, and are cool enough for the local weather. Good shoes are an option, as well as gym bags or backpacks, a fancy new water bottle, or some merchandise of their favorite sports team.

For the family men and women:

Their kids know you as their ‘tita/tito’ or ‘ninang/ninong’. You see their posts on social media about the latest trip they took with their extended family. These people care very deeply about their family, and there is nothing more important to them.

Do you know them to be proud cooks at home? Maybe you can give them some new kitchen equipment like baking mats, oven mitts, knives, or some unique cookware. Do they love decorating or fixing up their houses? Maybe tasteful new pieces of art for their living rooms or some useful hardware tools! Are they dedicated mothers and fathers? A gift certificate for a massage parlor, salon, a good restaurant, or a movie would brighten their day!

If you’re looking for gifts for teenagers or children, it might be best to consult their parents. If all else fails, cash always works. — Bjorn Biel M. Beltran