SUPREME COURT (SC) employees on Monday wore red as a statement of support for “judicial independence” and the 14 justices who, on a majority vote, issued a quo warranto decision that ousted the chief justice, Maria Lourdes P.A. Sereno, last May 11. “Hindi ito protesta (This is not a protest,)” said Erwin Ocson, president of the Supreme Court Employees Association (SCEA). Mr. Ocson was reading a joint statement signed by the presidents of other court employees groups, including the Philippine Judges Association, Philippine Association of Court Employees, and Supreme Court Assembly of Lawyer Employees. The statement also urged the public to remain calm and accept the SC’s decision. It added that while the decision was “immediately executory,” Ms. Sereno may still file a motion for reconsideration to reverse or amend the ruling. “We believe that our 14 magistrates manifested judicial independence and voting, whether they belong in the majority or minority. So we praise them all. Having six dissenting opinions only shows that the Supreme Court’s decision went through a careful, in-depth, and thorough process, and proves that democracy is still alive,” the statement said. — Dane Angelo M. Enerio