Los Angeles-based Filipino singer Bey

LAST YEAR, Los Angeles-based Filipino singer Bey posted a video snippet of her singing Filipina singer-songwriter Moira Dela Torre’s “Ikaw at Ako” online. Then Darwin Hernandez, founder of music management group Soupstar Music, came across the cover and he reached out to the young artist.

Bey was already learning Korean and writing hangul when Soupstar Music artist Eunice Jorge, who wrote and produced “Crash Landing,” presented her with the song which is in a combination of English and Korean.

“It was such a great opportunity to take on, even if it was during a time where everything has to be done over Zoom,” the singer, who goes by the single name Bey, told BusinessWorld in a Zoom interview about recording her first single.

“So, when it came to [recording] ‘Crash Landing,’ it would basically just be me with a setup in my garage,” she said.

After a few virtual songwriting, rehearsal, and recording sessions between the Soupstar management and the singer, the demo of “Crash Landing” was submitted to Universal Records Philippines.

“It was kind of a blind audition [type of situation] where they had heard the song but they didn’t know who I was. So I’m just very grateful that they were interested in my music,” said the young singer.

Inspired by the popular South Korean television series, Crash Landing on You (2020), the song is about hoping for one’s own Captain Ri (the show’s leading man) — someone who will stand by you despite obstacles, and the excitement and reality of romantic relationships.

As for her upcoming projects, Bey plans to get into the songwriting process and participate in more online performances.

“I just want to release new music. I want to try to experiment and see what fits with my voice,” she said. “I’m definitely working on more performance videos to come out soon.”

“That’s the feeling of when you put music out there even if [just] one person loves it — that means so much to you… so, just keep at it,” Bey said. “Even during a time like this, I think it’s never the wrong time to put out something that you’re proud of.”

“Crash Landing” is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, and digital stores worldwide under Universal Records Philippines. The music video is available at https://youtu.be/7kJmt81CbtU Michelle Anne P. Soliman