LOCAL ketchup brand UFC is celebrating its 50th year through a short film competition meant to showcase the “resilience and strength [of Filipinos] in the face of tremendous challenges,” according to a press release.

Called the UFC Reel Life: Nagsasama-samang Sarap Short Film Competition, the tilt is open to all filmmakers in the Philippines. Each entry must have a maximum length of five minutes including the opening and closing credits.

Entries must also use “at least one UFC product as an organic part of the narrative,” in order to show “the integral role of UFC products in empowering Filipinos to create nagsasama-samang sarap (bringing together the delicious) moments every day,” said the release.

The UFC products that should be in the film include: UFC Tamis Anghang Banana Catsup, UFC Sweet Chili Sauce, UFC Tomato Sauce, UFC Gravy, UFC Hot and Spicy Banana Catsup, UFC Hot Sauce, UFC Spaghetti Sauce, UFC Ready Recipes, and UFC Fresh Selections.

All videos submitted should be recorded in a horizontal format and must be no less than 720 HD, though filming in 1080 HD is highly recommended. Entries shall be judged by a panel where the top 30 will be chosen based on the following criteria: Thematic Storytelling (40%), Creativity and Originality (40%), and Technical Execution (20%).

Deadline for submission of entries is on Nov. 30 with the top 30 finalists to be announced on Dec. 3, and winners to be named on Dec. 14.

The 30 finalists will automatically receive a gift pack from UFC and winners will take home the following: 1st Prize, P100,000; 2nd Prize, P50,000; 3rd Prize, P20,000; Best Actor, P5,000; Best Actress, P5,000; Best Cinematography, P5,000; Best Screenplay, P5,000; Best Editing, P5,000; Best Director, P15,000; and, People’s Choice Award, P15,000.

Those interested in joining the contest must send their entries through ufcreellife@gmail.com and must include the contestant’s name, title of the film, contact number, names of cast and crew, and a photo of the director. For larger files, use wetransfer.com to create a shareable link which can be included in the e-mail. — ZBC