By Zsarlene B. Chua, Senior Reporter

LENOVO has launched worldwide the newest addition to its tower workstation portfolio, the ThinkStation P620, which uses AMD’s newest Ryzen Threadripper PRO processor, as the company remains bullish about its workstation solutions despite seeing a shift towards mobile devices for remote setups amid the ongoing pandemic.

“On the mobile side, we have definitely seen an uptick…for a lot of remote workers but I don’t think we’ve seen as much of a drop on the desktop side as we expected,” Jenni Ramsay, worldwide desktop workstation product manager, said in a digital press conference on July 7.

While she did not disclose how much of the current demand has shifted towards mobile devices such as laptops, she said 2020 is an “interesting year.”

“I think that we may see some, not necessarily a decline in business but maybe a shift a little bit to the mobile side,” she explained before adding that while many industries have shifted to work-from-home or other remote setups, many industries such as those in the media, architecture, and engineering, would still prefer tower workstations and desktops.

“There are still going to be a lot of workflows that require a desktop…we’ve already talked to some customers that just now that they will have end users that are going to continue to have desktop workstations at their houses. That is definitely what we see going forward. I think that we will still see the need for desktop workstations, even in the current environment,” Ms. Ramsay said.

The newest addition to the ThinkStation family will be operating using the new Ryzen processor, a 64-core processor promising reduced render times and achieving “seamless 8K streaming in real-time” in one single-socket platform, according to a press release.

Ms. Ramsay noted the P620 will be placed in the mid-range category with the higher-end P720 and P920, which currently retail at $2,703.35 and $3,028.35, respectively. No pricing details for the P620 have been announced as of this writing.

“[The P620 is] going to be something that can really fit in a lot of different areas…instead of having to buy something on the higher end like the [P720 or the P920]… I think this platform is going to let us continue to grow even in a difficult year for everyone,” she said.

Aside from having 64 cores, the P620 will have support for up to two NVIDIA Quadro RTX 8000 or four RTX 4000 graphics cards, up to 1TB of memory and 20TB of storage, 10GB of built-in Ethernet, and a custom-designed heat sink. It is also a PCIe 4.0 workstation.

The Lenovo ThinkStation P620 will be available starting September.