ABS-CBN MUSIC INTERNATIONAL launches its new label Not So Famous (NSF), focusing on urban pop and hip-hop music by budding artists in the Philippines and Asia.

The label was founded a year ago by hip-hop artist Eduardo “Young JV” Kapunan in order to help “aspiring artists achieve their recording dreams, and later on as his way of giving back to the industry,” according to a company release.

The label has now partnered with ABS-CBN Music International to produce music for local and global audiences.

Not So Famous currently has Mr. Kapunan, Pau Palacio, Yeliee, King Murph in its roster.

Last February, Young JV released “Close To Me,” a song written by international hitmaker August Rigo who wrote Justin Bieber’s “U Smile” (2009), among others.

“Close To Me” is a song about not wasting time and just wanting to be close to the person that you love. Its music video, featuring Diana Mackey, premieres on April 20.

Meanwhile, actress-singer Pau Palacio will drop her single “Used To Do” on April 17. The music video features Delly Flay, an American singer-songwriter who co-wrote the song with Canadian singer-songwriter Andrew Pederson.

“The bouncy track talks about a couple trying to save their failing affair by finding their own identities within the confines of the relationship,” said the release. The song’s music video will be released on April 27.

Also in the label’s roster is 22-year-old Yeliee Moran, the younger sister of actress/singer Lovi Poe, who works as a pastry chef and actively advocates mental health. Her debut release “Wave,” mixed and mastered in Canada, tackles getting back on one’s feet after hitting rock bottom.

Finally, King Murph is a singer-songwriter, dancer, and choreographer. His self-penned song, “Lungkot,” depicts the sadness he now feels over someone that used to make him happy.

The Not So Famous singers will be performing on April 16, 8 p.m., as part of Star Music’s All Music: Artists At Home Sessions on Star Music’s Facebook page. — ZBC