MUSIC streaming service Spotify has launched a dedicated Philippine playlist for emerging artists representing the service’s “commitment to emerging artists across all stages of their development, in order to help them deepen their connection to new and existing audiences around the world.”

“The launch of Spotify’s RADAR program puts a mix of Spotify’s best-in-class editorial and marketing abilities behind some truly exciting up-and-coming global and Asian talent. The RADAR Philippines playlist features some of the most interesting talent currently coming out of the Philippines — a treasure trove of emerging sounds where home-grown talent is in abundance,” Boon Ken Wong, Asia team lead for Music Culture & Editorial at Spotify, said in a press statement.

The Philippines’ playlist span several genres including pop, hip-hop, and indie rock with eight artists including the Korean-trained Filipino boy group, SB19.

“We are so honored to be a part of Spotify’s newest program, RADAR, and together with the newly discovered prodigies of music, we will do our best to make more melodies and strive harder for the growth of Philippine Music. Without Spotify, this wouldn’t be possible. Thank you so much!” said the group in the release.

SB19 is known for songs such as “Tilaluha” and “Go Up.”

Other artists included in the playlist are: August Wahh (behind the song “Know What I Want”); syd hartha (“Ayaw”), Route 83 (“Pagmahay”); Soulstice (“IVANA”); VVS Collective (“Walwal”); LTNM, which stands for Love Thy Neighbor Movement, (“Kapit Lang”); and Ace Banzuelo (“Like Like You”).

SB19 and August Wahh are also part of Spotify’s RADAR program which will also promote the new artists through marketing campaigns to “provide fans with the opportunity to get to know their new favorite artists,” according to a separate Spotify blog post on March 9.

“Spotify is thrilled to announce the launch of RADAR this year with an incredible group of emerging artists from across the globe,” said Ned Monahan, Spotify’s head of global hits in the post.

“RADAR will become an influential program for up-and-coming artists across all genres worldwide and a great way for our global marketing and editorial teams to support the next generation of international superstars,” he added.

The program features 36 artists from around the world including US singer Alaina Castillo, the voice behind the hit “i don’t think i love you anymore.”

Part of the promotions the Spotify US will be giving Ms. Castillo is a documentary, music video support, and a set of Spotify Singles. — ZBC