PRU LIFE UK launched its artificial intelligence-powered digital app in the Philippines which offers health management to both policyholders and non-policy holders.

By March this year, the app called Pulse will also have a Filipino version in a bid to cater to a wider public who wants to monitor their health and lifestyle.

The app, which was initially introduced in Malaysia in 2019, will be free for downloading by Android users for the soft launch and soon for users of Apple iOS devices.

“We want to use technology so that everyone can be concerned about their health,” Allan M. Tumbaga, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Pru Life UK Philippines, said in a briefing on Wednesday.

He cited data from the Department of Health which showed that one-third of Filipinos may die prematurely due to non-communicable diseases such as cancer and some heart diseases, among others, which can be caused by their lifestyle choices such as diet and smoking habits.

Meanwhile, Pru Life UK Philippines’ Jomar O. Mislang said among the key features for the initial launch of the app is HealthCheck which will help users manage their lifestyle through a series of questions which will then give them their health score depending on the user’s answers.

The app also has a Symptom Checker feature to help users gauge their health whenever they feel sick.

“So symptom checker is a way for you to check what you’re feeling and give you recommendations on what to do or give you information on basically what you should do next when you’re feeling sickly or not in a good mood,” Mr. Mislang explained.

Both HealthCheck and Symptom Checker are powered by UK-based health technology firm Babylon.

“Please remember the services only for general information purposes and it isn’t a personalized or medical diagnosis,” he added.

Officials from the insurer said that they are also looking to partner with wearables as well as the Department of Health in order to fine tune the features of the app within this year.

In 2018, Pru Life was the fourth-biggest life insurer in the country based on premium income which hit P22.03 billion, according to data from the Insurance Commission.

The insurer also approved P644 million for the 2,737 approved claims in 2018. — LWTN