A COALITION of 12 party lists at the House of Representatives filed a resolution on Friday calling for an end to several “onerous” military agreements between the Philippines and US.

The Makabayan bloc said the Philippines should terminate its visiting forces agreement, Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement and Mutual Defense Treaty with the US.

Ending these military deals would “bar any future plans” to give the Americans access to Philippine military bases, according to the resolution.

The political bloc also said ending these agreement would allow the country to assert its “sovereignty and protect Filipinos and oppose US attempts to use the Philippines for its political and economic interests in Asia.”

President Rodrigo R. Duterte has ordered government lawyers to study a plan to end the VFA. He asked the US government last week to reverse its decision to cancel Mr. de la Rosa’s US visa, giving it a month-long ultimatum. — Genshen L. Espedido