MAJORITY OF Filipino adults are entering 2020 “with hope rather than with fear,” according to the Fourth Quarter 2019 Social Weather Survey.

In the survey conducted from December 13-16, 96% of respondents gave the positive outlook, up from from 92% in 2018 and matches the record-high level in 2017.

The December 2019 survey also found that 33% of Filipinos made New Year’s resolutions, 13 percentage points lower than the 46% in 2017.

Of the 33%, only 3% said that all or nearly all of their New Year’s resolutions have been or will be fulfilled.

In 2017, of the 46% who made New Year’s resolutions, 6% said all or nearly all of them have been fulfilled.

Among those who expected a “happy Christmas” this year, 97% have hope for the New Year, slightly lower than the 98% in 2017. — Genshen L. Espedido