By Arjay L. Balinbin

LOCAL PAY TV provider Cignal TV is planning to offer more digital services to keep its young viewers and protect its market share, its top official said.

“Our goal is to make sure that we at least protect our market share. Our market share is roughly around 50%. The goal is also to come up with new initiatives that will allow us to remain relevant moving forward because there’s actually a change in viewing behavior,” Cignal TV President and Chief Executive Officer Jane J. Basas said told reporters on Oct.28.

She added: “There’s a particular segment of the market, particularly the more premium segment on the young who now have more access to more digital platforms. So we wanna make sure that Cignal pivots towards digital services.”

Ms. Basas said Cignal TV ended the third quarter with 2.2 million subscribers, making it “the biggest” in the country today.

Cignal TV’s market, she said, is growing “phenomenally especially with the introduction of our low-end brand satellite,” which is expected to contribute to “at least 70% to 80% of our growth.”

“At least with respect to Cignal, we do see it growing in the next three to five years. We we wanna make sure that we continue to innovate, because we are seeing the change,” she added.

Cignal TV launched One News in May 2018 with programs including Face the Chiefs and BusinessWorld Live and launched One Sports in January 2019 featuring programs such as WWE Smackdown and Philippine Superliga.

In August, Cignal TV introduced another channel under its One branding, One PH, a 24-hour Filipino-language news channel. The channel has partnered with the Star Group (Pilipino Star Ngayon, The Freeman) and Radyo 5 92.3 NewsFM and News5.

Cignal TV is a subsidiary of MediaQuest Holdings, the media arm of the PLDT Group. BusinessWorld is likewise a subsidiary of MediaQuest Holdings through the Star Group of Companies.