ABS-CBN Corp. reported leading nationwide television ratings in June with an average audience share of 44% during the period, besting its rival GMA Network, Inc.

In a statement Tuesday, the Lopez-led media giant said it beat its rival which tallied a 32% audience share on the national scale last month, based on data from Kantar Media that surveyed 2,610 urban and rural homes.

But for the battle to capture the audience in urban areas, both companies claimed to dominate the ratings, citing different measurement providers.

In its statement, GMA said it maintained a 35.3% average total day people audience share in Urban Luzon from June 1 to 29, beating ABS-CBN’s 30.7%, based on data from Nielsen TV Audience Measurement.

GMA added that its average total day people audience share in Mega Manila from June 1 to 22 was at 36.3%, versus ABS-CBN’s 28.8%.

But ABS-CBN, citing Kantar, said it dominated the television audience in both urban and rural homes last month. The Lopez-led firm grabbed a 42% audience share in Metro Manila against GMA’s 26%, and a 36% share in Mega Manila versus GMA’s 32%.

Including rural areas, ABS-CBN said it gained the bigger audience share in Total Luzon at 40% against GMA’s 35%, in Total Visayas at 53% against GMA’s 24% and in Total Mindanao at 52% against GMA’s 28%.

In terms of time slots, both companies again claimed to lead TV ratings at different times of the day.

GMA said it led the afternoon block with 36.3% audience share beating ABS-CBN’s 32.9%, and the evening block with 38.1% audience share to win against ABS-CBN’s 30%.

On the other hand, ABS-CBN said it led time block ratings across-the-board, with a morning block rating of 39% versus GMA’s 28%, a noontime block rating of 44% versus GMA’s 33%, afternoon block rating of 48% versus GMA’s 31% and primetime block rating of 45% versus GMA’s 33%. — Denise A. Valdez