IT’S EASY to blow P500,000 in a day. You can buy mounds of jewelry, buy out a store, or drop a downpayment for a car. Integrated entertainment property and rich people-playground Okada gives you a new way to spend P500,000 in a day, and we’re not talking about the casinos.

Last week, Okada launched its new villas: El Nido, Coron, and Cebu, located in the complex’ Pearl Wing. Guests partied away at the 1,400-square meter El Nido Villa, while the Cebu Villa was used to tour guests. The Coron Villa, unfortunately for us, was occupied by a very fortunate guest.

The Cebu villa, with 1,170 square meters of well-decorated space, has four bedrooms with seven beds, while the El Nido and Coron villas have five bedrooms and nine beds, all decked out with Rivolta Carminiagni linens. The villas boast of their own living rooms, 16-seat dining room with a minibar, state-of-the-art entertainment room (even karaoke) and spacious his-and-hers bathrooms. The bathrooms are lit with chandeliers by the pink marble bathtub. They also have smart toilets and Roberto Cavalli toiletries along the counters.

The villas have a private garden with outdoor patios, a private swimming pool, and a jet tub. They all have indoor gyms and a couples’ spa suite with a sauna. They have their own private access going inside the casino, parking area, and everywhere else in the resort.

The villas are equipped with a DigiValet system, a special iPad that allows guests to take full control of the room’s devices. Guests will also have access to a 24-hour butler service and a private chef who can prepare any type of cuisine.

The villas all have indoor gyms and a couples’ spa suite with a sauna.

For reasons of privacy, Julius Santos, Director for Sales and Marketing for Okada Manila, demurred from saying what any of their guests requested since they opened a month ago. “Anything that’s legal, we will do for the guest.”

The villas are available at an introductory price of P500,000, but the actual published rate is at P800,000 for weekdays, and P1 million during weekends. What guests will be paying for is the room with all its amenities, but anything else will come on top of the room price.

“I think our villas are priced very competitively for the size that you’re getting,” said Mr. Santos,

The three villas are just the beginning of several luxury suites about to be opened in Okada. Mr. Santos says that the original plans for the property include that 33% of the hotel would consist of suites. Suites that would compare to the size of the villas should be completed by a year, he said.

Speaking about how the price of the villas compare to the presidential suites of other properties, Mr. Santos said, “Hoteliers like to say they have the most expensive suite. That doesn’t matter if nobody pays for it.” — Joseph L. Garcia