Product Review

RELEASING a makeup line or collaborating with cosmetic brands seems to be the trend among celebrities these days and pop singer Sarah Geronimo is the latest to join the roster.

Not much of a follower of the latest makeup releases, still I decided to try out the products for fun.

During the launch, I wavered over whether to get the Album set (with eight products) or select only the items I was comfortable with hopefully they would be useful in the long run. I decided to get Notes which is the day to night eyeshadow palette; Cover, foundation stick and liquid concealer; Falsetto, the lengthening and volumizing mascara; Tempo, a lip and cheek tint; Tones, a blush and contour; and Hits, a matte lipstick and lip balm in No. 3.

The concept behind Pop Studio is that it also serves a representation of Ms. Geronimo as a pop singer. I appreciate the word play in the products’ individual names. The plastic material of the cherry red and white packaging reminded me of children’s toys.

The eyeshadow palette, comes in the shape of a compact disc. Inside are 10 neutral colors (five matte and five shimmers) in circles which look like the digits of a rotary phone. I tried to blend the darkest brown shades (one matte and one shimmer) on my eyes, although it turns out that they were not as pigmented as I hoped. The product has a chemical smell which was a turn off.

Lipstick shade No. 3 was a nude brown. I like the color it achieved after five swipes on my lips. It looks best applied with the lip balm. Tip: apply the lip balm with a lip brush.

I applied the mascara (both sides of the wand) and noticed that it lengthened my lashes rather than volumized.

As for the eyebrow products, I did not buy any. Why? My eyebrows and I have been together for 25 years, and we’re happy.

To test the products, I wore the makeup for eight hours without setting powder and setting spray (which I prefer to use since I have oily skin). After an hour, I had to blot my face with oil control film. It was lunch time then, and it was very warm (33°C according to my phone) even if I was indoors.

In the afternoon, I wiped the lipstick off to eat ice cream, then replaced it with the lip tint which stayed on for the rest of the day — even after a few drinks from my water jug and eating dinner. Another tip: do not apply too much as the color tends to create a line between the outer lip and gums.

The makeup stayed intact for most of the day and did not feel heavy on my face. When I arrived home in the evening (after walking to the bus station and commuting), I noticed the lip tint and blush faded; but the eyeshadow was still there.

While the price range is affordable, there are other brands in the same price range that deliver better quality.

It was a bold move to release a complete makeup line for a brand that is just starting out. Nonetheless, a brand by one of the most sought-after recording artists with an established and young fan base could probably help keep the makeup line competitive in the market. — Michelle Anne P. Soliman