By Vincent Mariel P. Galang
SINGAPORE — Lazada Group is introducing “super solutions” on its platform that aim to help transform businesses in Southeast Asia to “super e-businesses.”
Lazada President Jing Yin announced the new features that will help improve branding, marketing, and sales of the platform’s brands and sellers in LazMall during the first LazMall Brands Future Forum held at JW Marriott in Singapore on March 21.
The features, which are available for all types of businesses whether big or small, were highlighted during the launch, which is part of the seventh anniversary of the biggest e-commerce company in Southeast Asia.
LazMall can be found in the platform launched in 2018 that offers authentic top-rated brands and next-day delivery. It has more than a thousand brands, including The SM Store, Robinsons Appliances, Samsung, Huawei, MAC, L’Oreal, Maybelline, and Unilever.
“As brands and sellers, our day 1 thinking is we are building a solution-based service to allow brands and sellers to run their branding, marketing, and sales all within one platform, and having of course, customer in the center piece,” Mr. Yin said.
“We come forward with the best in-class technologies and dully powered by data… That’s why we introduce today… we’re trying to share our super solutions to empower the future of e-businesses,” he added.
The new offerings would include super campaigns, which brands and sellers can opt to use to help boost their image and engage with customers.
There will also be new and better marketing solutions and business advisor dashboard to drive more store traffic and near real-time information to aid faster business decisions. Specifically for the dashboard, this will display the current analytics and information that will help owners know or decide on the next step for their business.
A store builder tool can be used to decorate storefronts to help businesses differentiate themselves from other brands and sellers in the LazMall platform. The tool is expected to create greater visibility, boosting store traffic. New technologies will be incorporated in the platform, including image search and live streaming, to allow customers to comment in real-time. Other features include storefront banner personalization and in-app games, which are expected to fuel consumer engagement.
Signing up one’s business is made easier through new a self-sign up feature, which mainly targets small and medium enterprises.
“We firmly believe, we are not the retailer of the region instead we want to be the platform providing tools that empower hundreds and thousands of young entrepreneurs to become the next e-businesses,” he noted.
“No seller is too small to aspire, and no brand is too big to be a super e-business. That is why we are thrilled to roll out super-solutions to help our brands and sellers become more nimble in digitizing their businesses and better reach customers,” Pierre Poignant, chief executive officer of Lazada said in a statement.
Being in a competitive industry, e-commerce businesses need to maintain a good image and be a “differentiator” to be on top of their game, but through a platform like Lazada, this factor is made easier, allowing brands and sellers to focus on the business to excel.
Tracy Jia, business manager of Coocaa said joining Lazada had helped the company reach more markets. In the Philippines, it was launched through the platform on March 18 to 20.
“Thanks to Lazada’s support we have achieved $300,000 on the Coocaa launch event March 18-20. Now, we also joined Lazada’s birthday campaign with a golden slot which we expect to be successful, as well. As a newly launched brand in Lazada, we have achieved more than 1,300 units sellout within three days, and we are very confident to achieve double sales on the Lazada birthday,” she said in a text message.
Coocaa is a Chinese television brand and is a joint business partnership (JBP) with Lazada. It enables brands to tap into the platform’s technology and logistics infrastructure, innovation, and e-commerce proficiency.
Xiaomi Philippines, a Chinese electronics company that manufactures phones, laptops, and the like, shared the same sentiment. Through the platform, the company was able to reach more Filipinos.
“In 2018, Xiaomi has become the best-selling smartphone brand on Lazada’s biggest sales events, Xiaomi Super Brand Day, 11.11 and 12.12. As we mark our second year in the Philippines, we will continue to offer amazing products at honest pricing on Lazada to make innovation accessible for all,” Peaker Gao, country manager of Xiaomi Philippines, said in a text message.
To further drive the new shopping experience through “shoppertainment,” Lazada is also breaking boundaries by hosting the first live-steamed concert in the platform called “Super Party” in Jakarta, Indonesia on March 26. This is held before the platform’s birthday shopping event on March 27, which will feature items priced up to 90% off, in-app games to be able to redeem vouchers, and a lot more.