AT LEAST 300 workers stand to lose their jobs as Big Hotel, owned by Cenore Corp., is stopping operations following the closure order issued earlier by the Mandaue City government over the sublease contract on the property. Cenore subleased the property from Katumanan Hardware, which has the original lease contract with the city government during the administration of former mayor Jonas Cortes. The present city administration has questioned the agreement because it did not have the authority from the City Council. Cenore President Roderick Ngo said the company is shutting down operations within three months. Mr. Ngo said the members of the board of Cenore have nothing to discuss on the new terms demanded by the city government of its lease contract for the lot where Big Hotel stands. “After yesterday’s [March 7] board meeting, Cenore has decided instead that it will direct the hotel management operator Travelbee Management Corporation to close the operations of Big Hotel effective three months from today,” said Mr. Ngo. He also said that the hotel management has been loosing at least P3 million every day since the city government served the notice last week. “On the business sense, Cenore believes that the bleeding from Travelbee’s hotel operations of Big Hotel has to be stopped, taking into account the cancellations of hotel bookings, programs and events, and recorded daily loss of P3,000,000 caused by the Notice of Closure and the news about hotel closure,” he said. — The Freeman
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