PRESIDENT Rodrigo R. Duterte will certify as urgent the Military and Uniformed Personnel (MUP) Pension Reform Bill being proposed by the Department of the National Defense (DND), his spokesperson said.
In a briefing on Thursday, spokesperson Salvador S. Panelo said Mr. Duterte, during the 34th Cabinet Meeting on Wednesday night, announced his intent to certify as urgent the proposed measure by the DND which seeks to raise the compulsory retirement age to 60 from 56.
“[Among the topics] discussed was the Military and Uniformed Personnel (MUP) Pension Reform Bill proposed by the Department of National Defense which the President said he will certify as an urgent piece of legislation,” he said.
The DND proposes to cut the lump sum upon retirement to 18 months’ pay instead of the current 36 months.
On the proposed retirement age, Mr. Panelo said: “When they retire at 56 there is only a limited chance they will be appointed to some other post.” Retirement at 60, he added, “is designed for their benefit.”
“In fact I have one friend who told me ,’I cannot retire’ because he will need a loan to fund his needs, including housing after he loses his entitlement to military quarters.
Presidential Decree No. 1650, signed by former President Ferdinand E. Marcos, states: “Upon attaining fifty-six (56) years of age or upon accumulation of thirty (30) years of satisfactory active service, whichever is later, an officer or enlisted man shall be compulsorily retired; provided, that such officer or enlisted-man who shall have attained fifty-six (56) years of age with at least twenty (20) years of active service shall be allowed to complete thirty (30) years of service but not beyond his sixtieth (60th) birthday.”
“Provided, however, that such military personnel compulsorily retiring by age shall have at least twenty (20) years of active service: provided, further, that the compulsory retirement of an officer serving in a statutory position shall be deferred until completion of the tour of duty prescribed by law; and, provided, finally, that the active service of military personnel may be extended by the President, if in his opinion, such continued military service is for the good of the service.”
Also discussed at the Cabinet meeting, according to Mr. Panelo, was the National ID System.
“The National Statistician reported that its implementation will start in September with a target of 6 million Filipinos for registration this year. The National Security Adviser mentioned that this is very critical for our security and suggested that the cybersecurity of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) take the lead and the security of data be taken care of by the Philippine Statistics Authority with the help of the DICT. (President Duterte) ordered the best and safest system be used in the implementation of the national ID system,” he said. — Arjay L. Balinbin