BANGKOK — Japan’s Yanmar Agribusiness Co Ltd. said on Tuesday that it plans to expand its business in South and Southeast Asia beginning this year with its newly launched tractors.
Yanmar Agribusiness President Hiroaki Kitaoka said that the company is looking for distributors in the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Bangladesh.
“We would like to find the great distributors in those countries,” Mr. Kitaoka said during the company’s launching of its 51-horsepower YM351A and 57-horsepower YM357A tractors.
Yanmar equipment is assembled by the company’s partner in India, ITL, in which Yanmar has a 30% stake.
“Our mission is to go to South Asia and Southeast Asia including Indonesia and Thailand next,” according to Mr. Kitaoka.
The tractors come with a Smart-Assist remote which allows tractor users to monitor the equipment with their smart phones, which is expected to reduce downtime, thereby increasing earnings.
Geolocation technology issues warnings when the equipment is operating outside the set parameters, he added.
Both tractors are appropriate for paddy, dry field and hauling, with a maximum turning angle of 55 degrees.
“If downtime is long, customers will lose productivity,” Yanmar Agribusiness Manager Osamu Omoro said.
“Customers can maintain income and can work in a very long period,” Mr. Omoro added.
Yanmar has been operating in the Philippines since 2014.