THE two major broadcast networks ABS-CBN Corp. and GMA Network, Inc. kept its neck-and-neck battle for audience share as both claimed ratings lead in the month of November, citing different reports from third-party data providers.
In a statement, Lopez-led ABS-CBN said its average audience share reached 45% in November versus GMA’s 30%, citing Kantar Media data which covered 2,610 urban and rural homes.
On the other hand, GMA said its average total day people audience share is at 38.6% in November, beating ABS-CBN’s 37.5%, based on Nielsen TV Audience Measurement. Nielsen claims its report covers “900 more homes surveyed in Total Urban and Rural Philippines compared to Kantar.”
ABS-CBN said the Kantar report found it dominated households in Mega Manila with 37% audience share versus GMA’s 29%, and in Metro Manila with 43% share versus its rival’s 23%.
In terms of ratings based on time slots, ABS-CBN said it led the competition across all blocks, starting with a 49% audience share in the primetime block compared to 30% for GMA.
For other time slots, ABS-CBN said it had a 37% share in the morning block (6 a.m. to 12 noon) versus 26% for GMA; 43% in the noontime block (12 noon to 3 p.m.) against 31% for its rival; and 45% in the afternoon block (3 p.m. to 6 p.m.) as opposed to GMA’s 32%.
However, GMA, citing Nielsen, said it trumped ABS-CBN in Mega Manila with 45.3% audience share versus 28.5% using data from Nov. 1 to 24. For Urban Luzon, it had an average total day people audience share of 44.1% against ABS-CBN’s 30.8%.
Based on time slots, GMA said it beat ABS-CBN in the morning block with 36.1% audience share against 32.1%, and in the afternoon block with 40.2% versus 37.2% for its rival. — Denise A. Valdez