THE CHIEF of the Philippine National Police (PNP) on Sunday said he is “inclined” to accept the apology of the wife of a consultant of communist rebels who was arrested with two others on Nov. 8.
National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) consultant Vicente Ladlad was arrested by police together with a couple also allegedly linked to the communist movement. They were charged with illegal possession of firearms.
Mr. Ladlad’s wife, Fides Lim, blocked the police van that brought the arrested suspects for detention.
PNP chief Director-General Oscar D. Albayalde said he is considering to file a case against Ms. Lim for obstruction of justice.
“There was an instance na hinarang niya ‘yung [police] mobile na bago mag-file ng kaso (There was an instance that she blocked the police mobile before we filed the case).That could also be tantamount to obstruction of justice because wala naman tayong ginawang masama at nahuli naman ito (because we did not do anything wrong and he was arrested) at we have procedures to follow also. Kailangan rin namang respetuhin nila ‘yung procedures ng PNP in filing cases (They also have to respect the procedures of PNP in filling cases),” Mr. Albayalde said last Friday.
Ms. Lim, posting on social media on Friday night, said, “I hope General Albayalde will find it in his heart to forgive me when his charming wife, Mrs. Albayalde, will also obstruct justice with her bare hands by blocking a police van because he’s imprisoned inside and she knows not where he will be brought, or what perchance will happen to him because of a state malady called evidencia plantida de pulis.
“I’ve had enough of my 3 minutes of fame battling ogres to protect my husband Vic Ladlad, as should fewer wives be doing should the same fate befall their own luckless husbands,” Ms. Lim also said.
“But should the good PNP chief in his surreal wisdom decide otherwise, then media-shy private me who hardly posts anything on Facebook will just have to endure more of the limelight and secure a pro bono lawyer (volunteers please) with a delicious sense of the ridiculous because that is what this case is.”
Mr. Albayalde on Sunday said, “As to the reported apology of Mrs. Fides Lim-Ladlad, I understand her deep concern for the wellbeing of her husband and as a Christian I am inclined to graciously accept her apology. However, I must reiterate we are a nation of laws not of men. And violation of laws has its consequences.”
He added, “The confiscation of high-powered firearms and explosives in the possession of Ladlad and two others is a result of a lawful search made by the police witnessed and certified by officials of the Homeowners Association.” — Vince Angelo C. Ferreras