YOUNGER parents are naming their children based on available domain names to secure their online presence from an early age, a study commissioned by GoDaddy, Inc. showed.
In a research on how the internet changes parenting and how it children’s online presence, GoDaddy reported that around 20% millennial parents, or those aged between 24 and 38, changed or considered changing their child’s name based on the unused domain names.
The study also showed that 48% of millennial parents noted the importance for their children to have an early online presence. Compared to the previous generation, only 27% of Gen X parents, or those aged between 39 to 53, shared the same sentiment.
“The internet is where so much of life happens, and we’re seeing parents in today’s world make sure their kids have a place for themselves online,” GoDaddy trends expert Melissa Schneider said.
From a sample size of 1,000 Millennial parents and Gen X Parents, 38% of the Millennial parents have already created or are considering to create a website for their children while only 20% of Gen X parents have done the same.
Almost half or 45% of parents who have purchased their children’s domain name before birth said they wanted to reserve it for future use, while 42% said that it was to create a digital baby book. Some 54% of parents on the other hand are planning to also purchase a domain for future use as well.
However, only 29% of millennial parents have their own domain or website set up, and even fewer Gen X parents likewise have theirs at 17%.
“Whether it’s to give them a leg up on school or work, or just to hold their spot for some future use, we expect to see registering for a domain become as common as registering for a stroller for new parents,” Ms. Schneider added.
Asked for the motives behind the trend, 48% of the respondents who decide on available domain names said it was for job searching while 45% of parents pointed to college applications. Some 35% of parents considered that having personal websites can replace the use of social media for their children.
“More than ever, it’s essential to own your own identity on the internet, and millennials know that better than anyone else. Today’s parents know that the internet is woven into the fabric of our daily lives, and teaching them how to show up well online is vital,” Ms. Scheider said.
Even before birth, the report showed 54% of millennial parents have already posted ultrasound photos of their children on social media, while only 23% of Gen X parents have done the same.
Likewise, an average of 107 photos of a millennial’s child has been posted online before the child can walk, GoDaddy reported. Gen X parents, on the other hand, have only posted an average of 56 photos of their children before they can walk.
Despite the increasing use of internet, 94% of the respondents are also thinking about discussing responsible online presence to their children. Around 42% of the respondents that already set up a website for their children are already discussing the ethics of having an online presence. — A. A. Mogato