FILIPINOS love to laugh — whether at themselves or at others — and it’s a trait that is cultivated since they are very young. Young Filipinos, specifically those ages four to 10 years old, will have a chance to laugh when Scottish comedian Chris Henry performs in a show that is specifically tailored to them.

Mr. Henry will be performing Balloonatics — an interactive stand-up comedy show for children (and their adult companions) — on April 7, 3 p.m., at Johnny B. Good in Glorietta 3, Makati City.

“It’s one hour of balloon tomfoolery for the whole family and there’s a lot of jokes for the adults as well,” said Mr. Henry in a video message posted on the Prime i Events Facebook page.

Mr. Henry, who has been a comedian since he was 18, is known for two shows: Balloonatics, which was inspired by his brother’s kids, and Fuck Tinder, which chronicles his hilarious experiences using the infamous dating app.

“I wanted to create a show [my brother’s kids] would want to go to,” he said.

Described as a “man who enjoys tackling issues you ordinarily wouldn’t discuss with your Gran around the dinner-table,” Mr. Henry is renowned for his exuberant brand of mischievous humor.

“We are always on the lookout for new and interesting ideas and concepts to bring in. This allows kids to enjoy their time, appreciate and experience entertainment that is unique to them,” Saira Budhrani, co-owner of Prime i Events, said in a press release.

She explained that Mr. Henry was introduced to them by Eleanor Conway, who headlined in the company’s previous production, Walk of Shame.

“Eleanor just raved about him and we liked what we saw and felt kids would have a lot of fun watching his show, so we want to give this a shot,” she said.

The show is also a good way to bond with one’s family, said Dilip Budhrani, co-owner of Prime i Events.

“We all are so busy with various things in our daily lives, work is both challenging and stressful and time is never enough, but we all need to give quality time to our family and keep them and ourselves away from gadgets. Look around you, people are so hooked on all the technology and this is the new drug that is creeping into society,” he said.

Anticipating that this show would be a hit, Ms. Budhrani said they are preparing for more family friendly comedy shows in the near future as they “strive to provide entertainment for all segments of the market,” she told BusinessWorld in an e-mail on March 20.

Aside from Balloonatics, children will also have several activities including a live story-telling of The Little Prince presented by Make Believe Productions.

The doors at Johnny B. Good (formerly Hard Rock Cafe), Glorietta 3 open at 3 p.m. for activities, while Balloonatics commences at 4 p.m.​

Tickets cost P1,500 for the children (including meals and activities) and P1,000 for adults. The show is limited to 60 kids only. For tickets and other inquiries, call 0920-971-7055 and 0917-570-3057. — Zsarlene B. Chua