STARTUP 1Export, a provider of compliance and logistics solutions for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) engaged in trade, said it recently opened an office in Indonesia.

1Export said in a statement on Tuesday that the new office is tasked with helping SMEs achieve compliance with Indonesian trade rules, find distributors, and ship products at a “competitive rate.”  

Philippine companies “can now bring their products to Indonesia without having to worry about the bureaucracy of processing the necessary (approvals),” the company said.

It said that “compliance seminars for the US and Saudi Arabia are being conducted on a regular basis in order for SMEs to understand the importance of shipping properly,” it added.

According to 1Export, it raised $860,000 from a seed capital round in August last year enabling its Indonesia expansion. Participants in the seed round were Foxmont Capital Partners, Manila Angels Investor Network, and Iterative VC.

The startup, established in 2016, has also partnered with digital logistics platform Envio in supporting deliveries and warehousing in Indonesia.  

“There were already customers availing of our services as soon as we launched. The Philippines was a relatively challenging market to operate in. For us, if we solve the problems of the Philippines, we can also address the difficulties in more challenging markets,” 1Export Chief Executive Officer Mel Nava said.  

1Export’s other initiatives include partnering with Muslim organizations in Indonesia to lower the cost of halal products in the Philippines.

The startup also uses its distribution channels to assist Indonesian SMEs. — Revin Mikhael D. Ochave