THE Philippine Statistics Authority said the average retail price of bone-in pork increased in nine trading centers between Jan. 1 and Jan. 5. 

Prices were up by P10 to P35 per kilogram in nine trading centers, compared with Dec. 15-17. It fell P10 to P20 in three trading centers. 

In Cabanatuan City, pork prices increased P35 to P325, Digos City P35 to P260, Pagadian City P30 to P265, Calapan City P27 to P339.5, Tacloban City P25 to P237, Baguio City P20 to P345, Cebu City P20 to P255, Butuan City P10 to P221.35, and the National Capital Region (NCR) P9.10 to P317.63. 

Prices fell in San Fernando City by P20 to P330, Legazpi City P12.50 to P317, and Tuguegarao City P10 to P290. 

Galunggong (round scad) prices picked up in eight regional centers: P100 to P250 per kilogram in Pagadian City, P50 to P180 in Digos City, P40 to P200 in San Fernando City, P20 to P230 in Kidapawan City, P20 to P210 in Cagayan de Oro City, P30 to P212.50 in Legazpi City, P10 to P200 in Cabanatuan City, and P1.75 to P238.69 in NCR. 

Prices fell by P25 to P195 in Tuguegarao City. 

Meanwhile, prices of well-milled rice were up P0.50 to P1.50 per kilogram in four trading centers, while it dropped P0.15 to P3 in another four trading centers. 

Prices rose P1.50 to P35.25 in Tuguegarao City, P1 to P45 in Digos City, P0.54 to P42.17 in Legazpi City, and P0.50 to P38.50 in Pagadian City. 

It went down P3 to P39 in Cabanatuan City, P1 to P47 in Tacloban City, P0.58 to P43.92 in Calapan City, and P0.15 to P42.65 in NCR. — Luisa Maria Jacinta C. Jocson