THE suggested retail prices (SRP) of most Noche Buena products decreased or remained unchanged this year, according to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).  

“The DTI thanks the manufacturers for heeding the call not to increase prices demonstrating their sense of solidarity with our consumers this Christmas despite the COVID-19 pandemic,” Trade Secretary Ramon M. Lopez said in a news release on Friday.  

The DTI’s list of SRPs of Noche Buena products include ham, cheese, keso de bola, sandwich spread, mayonnaise, pasta like spaghetti noodles, elbow and salad macaroni, spaghetti and tomato sauce, and all-purpose cream.  

The highest SRP from the following products dropped: 165 grams of cheese to P81.30 this year from P89 last year; a 470 milliliter jar of sandwich spread to P157 from P205.80; 470 ml jar of mayonnaise to P169 from P196.35; pasta-spaghetti noodles to P72 (500 g) and P80 (900 g) from P73 and P87.65, respectively; a 220 ml jar of sandwich spread to P100.75 from P99.80; elbow and salad macaroni to P32.5 (200 g) and P89.25 (1 kilogram) from P36.65 and P98.65 respectively; 1 kg of spaghetti sauce to P76.25 from P84.20; and 1 kg of tomato sauce to P63.50 from P78.25.  

Meanwhile, the maximum SRP of other Noche Buena products remain unchanged, with 500 g of keso de bola priced at up to P410 and 400 g of pasta-spaghetti noodles at P52.50  

The only items with increased maximum SRP are ham, which is priced at up to P204 (500 g) and P1,120 (1 kg) from P189 and P1,025 last year, respectively; 220 ml jar of sandwich spread at P100.75 from P99.80; and 400 g of elbow and salad macaroni at P59 from P58.05.  

The full list will be uploaded on the DTI website on Saturday at — B.A.D. Añago