THE HOUSE Committee on Public Works and Highways approved a bill that will require infrastructure programs to be planned for 30 years in advance to minimize disruptions caused by changes in government.

In a hearing Wednesday, the panel approved House Bill 8151, a proposed law to adopt a 30-year National Infrastructure Program.

“There is a motion to approve, subject to amendments,” the committee’s chairman, Romblon Rep. Eleandro Jesus F. Madrona, said during the hearing.

The bill was sponsored by its author, CWS Party-list Rep. Romeo S. Momo, who said if passed, it will ensure the continuity of big-ticket projects when governments change.

“This 30-year infrastructure program will rationalize and interconnect in a seamless manner our six-year medium term and yearly infrastructure programs… the 30-year program will ensure continuity in the development and implementation of infrastructure projects across administrations regardless of changes in national leadership,” he said.

The bill is intended to provide a blueprint for the construction sector, investors, and other stakeholders, providing guidance on the direction of public construction over the next 30 years. — Gillian M. Cortez