THE Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) said it has acquired a simulator to aid in the training of drivers on the Light Rail Transit (LRT) Line 2.
The simulator was launched yesterday at the LRT-2 Recto station, in a ceremony headed by LRTA administrator Reynaldo I. Berroya.
“The new simulator virtually reproduces the entire topography of LRT-2 including the line signaling, the passenger stations, as well as the landscape of Metro Manila — bringing simulator users into a virtual world that imitates the real image of the elevated line system,” LRTA said in a joint statement with the Department of Transportation.
It said apart from familiarization with the route and signaling system, the simulator provides trainee drivers a realistic feel for operating the train’s doors, pneumatics and electricals.
“Our Philippine Railway Training Center (PRTC) has always been on the lookout for an innovative way to conduct training to strengthen LRTA’s goal to be the center in professionalizing the railway industry. We see the use of the simulator as a safe and cost-effective means of teaching train driving,” Mr. Berroya was quoted as saying.
LRTA said the simulator records the performance of its trainees to improve evaluation and also allows them to practice dealing with commonly encountered system faults.
“Incorporated into the system are 25 most frequent fault occurrences encountered during actual revenue operations, so train operators can experience and be refreshed of the correct intervention and troubleshooting practices, but in a virtual, safe, and controlled environment,” it said. — Denise A. Valdez