Easy quality and affordable healthcare through telehealth app Kitika

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Medical Director Ferdinand Abella, M.D.

The World Health Organization says health makes an important contribution to economic progress, as healthy populations live longer and are more productive. It is also central to human well-being and happiness1. Unfortunately, the healthcare system in the Philippines remains to be one of the most crucial sectors to be further developed, if the Filipinos are to experience better living conditions.

Telehealth can make a difference

In Southeast Asia, the Philippines is the second most expensive country in terms of medical expenses2. Aside from impoverishing medical treatment costs, other common issues are poor medical record keeping, overcrowded public hospitals/clinics/centers, and disproportionate ratio of number of doctors to patients. For many countries, an effective way to address these challenges is the digitization of healthcare services, such as the use of telehealth.

Telehealth involves the use of telecommunications and virtual technology to deliver health care outside of traditional health-care facilities3. Because of its effectivity, the global telehealth market is valued at USD49.8B, and is projected to reach USD 266.8B by 20264. The US was one of the early adopters of telehealth as well as Europe, but because of developments in technology and robust internet connectivity, telehealth industry in Southeast Asia has also become fast-growing, Philippines included.

This comes as no surprise given the significant improvements in access, affordability and quality of healthcare services, which telehealth can provide, and now, all these benefits are within reach of Filipinos through the newest telehealth mobile app—Kitika.

Kitika—a telehealth app for the Filipinos

Medical Director Ferdinand Abella, M.D., and Managing Director & Co-Founder Jerome Sebastian

Kitika was developed to help improve the healthcare landscape in the Philippines. The telehealth app was designed especially for the tech-savvy, fast-paced, and multi-faceted lifestyle of Filipino millennials, to assure them that they get access to convenient, quality, and affordable healthcare.

Through Kitika, Filipinos can experience utmost convenience. With its unlimited chat, call, and video call features, one can get to speak to a doctor anytime, anywhere. This means freedom from the hassle of having to travel for hours to go to a hospital or clinic, and then wait for another couple of hours just to be able to speak to a doctor. This bodes well, especially to professionals who can’t miss a day at work, or those living in rural areas who have difficulty or even no access to quality healthcare. With easier access, Filipinos can likewise avoid self-diagnosis and prevent illnesses more, once they get early and accurate medical advice.

Kitika guarantees quality and comprehensive healthcare with their very own in-house general practitioners, readily available to give initial medical impression. From triage and assessment of health concerns, and direct doctor consultation and specialist referrals, and even up to issuance of e-prescription and medical certificates, Kitika is there every step of the way.

Kitika likewise proves to be cost effective because of the time, money, and effort saved. It also gives Filipinos greater control over selection of healthcare providers and their pricing. Moreover, with Kitika, one can get healthcare for oneself and family members with just one subscription plan. As an introductory price until December 2019, the basic plan starts at P959 per year for a primary holder and four dependents; while the premium plan is at P1,299 per year for a primary holder and 6 dependents; and the executive plan is at P1,599 per year for a primary holder and 9 dependents.

Other exciting features of Kitika which are now in the pipeline are medicine delivery (available by November 2019) and consultations with specialists like dermatologists and pediatricians.

Providing genuine care

Kitika is committed to helping better the healthcare system in the country and they are doing this by creating an ecosystem of like-minded healthcare providers. Kitika has thus partnered with medical institutions like Lifeline, Hi-Precision Diagnostics, University of Perpetual Help Hospital, Health Cube, Specialists Clinic and Diagnostic Laboratory, and Vita Lab Diagnostics Center, to guarantee that Filipinos get the healthcare that they need, when they need it, at a price they can afford. This is the kind of healthcare which Kitika strives to provide—genuine care.