DMCI Homes said it has added free Wi-Fi service and more recreational facilities in its workers’ dormitories.

The property arm of DMCI Holdings, Inc. expanded the dorms last year “to ensure convenient workers’ accommodation amid the coronavirus health crisis.”

“We have formed a dedicated committee whose main task is to look for ways to give our workers a safe and healthy working environment. As the lifeblood of the company, the health and well-being of our workers is of paramount importance to us,” DMCI Homes Vice-President for Human Resources Teresa Tiongson said in a statement.

At present, DMCI Homes has 19 dorms in various construction sites occupied by 3,323 workers. Fourteen out of the 19 dorms now have Wi-Fi service.

The dorms, which are offered for a minimum fee, feature a mess hall, cooking area, canteen, comfort rooms, entertainment room, laundry area, locker area, and mobile phone charging stations.

DMCI Homes also launched an interest-free, salary deduction “Bike Loan” program, to reduce workers’ dependence on public transportation.

It also provides free Vitamin C supplements and personal protective equipment for workers.