Davao City’s traffic light system undergoes rehabilitation

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DAVAO CITY’s local government and motorists are banking on the ongoing rehabilitation of the 10-year old traffic signal light system to improve the worsening road congestion. “The city has entered into a P10-million contract with Abratique and Associates for the rehabilitation of the traffic signalization,” City Transport and Traffic Management Office Dionisio C. Abude said. Davao’s existing system was a P1-billion project that includes a Traffic Monitoring Center housed at the Public Safety and Security Command Center building, along with the Central 911. Abratique & Associates is a Los Angeles-based engineering consultancy firm that specializes in the design, maintenance, and deployment of emerging transportation management system solutions and traffic control technologies. Mr. Abude said the rehabilitation work includes the traffic lights in the 64 intersections in the city. “We only have 17 working cameras along the 64 intersections and enhancing that will help us in the efficient management of traffic,” he said. Mark Pacatang of Abratique & Associates said they are doing the rehabilitation work during off-peak hours to minimize traffic disruption. — Carmencita A. Carillo