ALIBABA Cloud and the National University (NU) have partnered to offer a digital and artificial intelligence (AI) course to upskill local talent.

“Our Alibaba Cloud Academy (ACA) Generative AI Engineer course aims to help customers, partners, developers and users of various backgrounds globally to unlock that potential and drive tomorrow’s digital agenda,” Alibaba Cloud Intelligence President of International Business Selina Yuan said in a statement on Tuesday.

Alibaba Cloud, which started in 2009, is the digital technology and intelligence backbone of the Alibaba Group.

More than 50 professors and teachers from NU have participated in a training program held online and onsite.

The ACA Generative AI Engineering Course that started this month was developed by the Alibaba Cloud Academy to equip 10,000-20,000 students worldwide with basic AI knowledge by year-end.

Alibaba collaborates with more than 80 universities across 16 countries and regions outside China.

“We are strongly committed to supporting talent in mastering essential digital skills, and we’re excited to continue expanding our training offerings around the world,” Mr. Yuan said. Aubrey Rose A. Inosante