DELIVERY app Pick.A.Roo on Wednesday unveiled its new one-stop shop segment for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) tackling post-pandemic supply chain challenges.

Pick.A.Roo Wholesale aims to enable independent restaurant and bar businesses in the metropolitan area by catering to their sourcing and delivery needs on-demand, Kevin Tan, founder of Pick.A.Roo, said in a press statement.

Streamlined inventory management through the platform will allow business owners to focus on their core operations, Mr. Tan added.

“We’re excited to bridge the gap between business owners and industry suppliers, offering a solution that alleviates the challenges of maintaining a consistent supply chain,” he said.

The Asian Development Bank reported that 73.1% of Philippine MSMEs faced stalled operations and a sharp drop in domestic demand due to the mobility restrictions imposed at the onset of the pandemic.

While businesses struggle to recover from the economic crisis, helping them thrive in the post-pandemic landscape is the company’s aim, Mr. Tan said.

“[This will] cater to the growing market of micro-businesses in the Philippines,” said Eric B. Bataga, chief executive officer of Pick.A.Roo.

“We’re collaborating closely with business owners and suppliers, not only to bolster the food and beverage industry but also to contribute to the revitalization of the Philippine economy.”

The Pick.A.Roo Wholesale platform has more than 400,000 stock-keeping units, collaborating with industry suppliers, and servicing 40 cities. — Miguel Hanz L. Antivola