HYPER ISLAND Institute of Higher Education, a digital creative business school, aims to expand its services in Asia after it started offering its program in the Philippines.

“We are founded on the principle of learning by doing as a way to embrace technological developments,” Peachy Pacquing, managing director of Hyper Island, told BusinessWorld in a Zoom interview.

She said the school brings together the foundation and insights “from the world of behavioral science, adult development and creativity to design experiences, products and tools that will equip you to tackle the challenges of the future.”

Hyper Island has expanded its operations in Asia with the inclusion of the Philippines. It launched its programs in the country earlier this year.

Established in Sweden two decades ago, Hyper Island provides an unconventional way of learning, Ms. Pacquing said, adding that the institute now operates in the United Kingdom, Brazil, North America, and Singapore.

It aims to expand its operations in Asia with the hope of bringing its operations to India and Indonesia within this year.

“It was born because the Swedish government realized that the way they were doing education was no longer sufficient, or relevant and therefore there was a challenge to reimagine education more than 20 years back,” Ms. Pacquing said.

In the Philippines, the global creative business school offers a digital management accelerator program, a master of arts in digital management, and business solutions.

“Let’s begin first with how we facilitate learning. First of all, we are in the business of adult education. So, the way we facilitate learning at Hyper Island [is] to develop critical thinking, a key deliverable of our education,” she said.

Ms. Pacquing said Hyper Island is introducing an alternative way of learning to bridge the gap between technology and human development. — Ashley Erika O. Jose