PAVI’s CAMPCOR Plant which provides electricity to over 26,752 families living in Poro and Pilar in Camotes Islands, Cebu.

PRIME Asset Ventures, Inc. (PAVI), through its power companies, is set to energize 60,000 households in Siquijor and Camotes Islands to address growing power demand.

Jose Rommel Orillaza, president of PAVI’s power group, said in a media release the company has detected an increase in demand for electricity due to the holiday season.

He said the company’s units — S.I. Power Corp. and Camotes Island Power Generation Corp. — “has built the necessary infrastructure to serve these previously underserved, and unelectrified households.”

Through the two companies, PAVI said it is set to produce 21.27 megawatts (MW) of power that is expected to serve almost 60,000 households in Siquijor and Camotes Islands in the Visayas.

“Our presence in these underserved areas is helping the government and the DoE (Department of Energy) in reaching 100% electrification in all households,” Mr. Orillaza said.

S.I. Power has a 20-year power supply agreement (PSA) with Siquijor Electric Cooperative, Inc. It provides 12.86 MW of power through bunker-fired power generation facilities and power stations.

Meanwhile, Camotes Island Power has a 15-year PSA with Camotes Electric Cooperative, Inc. that supplies residents with a total of 8.41 MW of power through diesel plants and generating units.

According to the DoE’s accomplishment report, the country last year recorded a 95.41% household electrification level, with 25.02 million households now with electricity. — Ashley Erika O. Jose