FOOD manufacturer Mondelez Philippines, Inc. has posted growth on the back of more sales and on the opening up of the Philippine economy.

Aleli H. Arcilla, Mondelez Philippines vice president and managing director, said on the sidelines of a media briefing in Quezon City last week that the company has benefited from increasing consumption.

“We’re actually seeing some growth already. There is a lot of pick-up from our products. We are recovering from last year. The business has rebounded from last year and we are seeing that it is following the market growth,” Ms. Arcilla said.

“As we experience the opening up of the economy, there is more consumption, more influx of income as many Filipinos are becoming employed. We are seeing consumption go up,” she added.

Further, Ms. Arcilla mentioned that the sales of some of the company’s products have already reached pre-pandemic figures due to stronger demand.

“In some of the categories or the products that we have, they have already reached pre-pandemic levels, we’re hitting pre-pandemic levels already. These products include beverages like Tang and our biscuits since it is back to school,” Ms. Arcilla said.

Moving forward, Ms. Arcilla mentioned that Mondelez Philippines is planning to introduce new products that will bolster its current offerings. She declined to give details on the upcoming products.

“We will be coming up with new products that we will be introducing either on the premium side or on the mainstream side. We will be working on it in the coming months,” Ms. Arcilla said.

The company also disclosed that its items are not as affected by the current tight supply and soaring prices of sugar in the country.

“For Mondelez, we’re not as affected as the other beverage companies and even the other fast-moving consumer goods [that] use a lot of sugar and are dependent on imports. We are less impacted by the sugar shortage right now,” Ms. Arcilla said.

“The products that require sugar are manufactured outside of the Philippines. The sugar shortage does not necessarily impact us because we have the supply for our products based in other plants in other countries. We get our products as finished goods already,” she added.

Some of the brands sold by Mondelez Philippines include Tang drink mix, Cadbury chocolate, Chips Ahoy cookies, Cheez Whiz bread spread, and Toblerone chocolate. — Revin Mikhael D. Ochave