Chelsea Logistics and Infrastructure Holdings Corp. said its unified online booking system, Chelsea Travel, is expected to boost the company’s cost-efficiency and competitiveness.

“As an interactive application, Chelsea Travel will make transaction turnover faster and eventually reduce manpower cost once passengers are used to using the app from booking to payment,” Chelsea President and Chief Executive Officer Chryss Alfonsus V. Damuy told BusinessWorld in a Messenger chat last week.

Chelsea and its three shipping lines, Starlite Ferries, SuperCat, and Trans-Asia, are deploying Chelsea Travel to allow passengers to buy and pay for tickets anytime, even after regular business hours.

The group will launch the first phase of Chelsea Travel on Monday, Aug. 8, allowing customers to book by just scanning a quick response (QR) code.

“They will be given access to the VIP lane at the ticket outlet so they can immediately pay without having to line up for a long time. The second phase will enable passengers to pay online, skipping the manual transaction with a teller,” the group said in a statement.

The group also plans to launch a loyalty application to provide freebies and rewards.

Mr. Damuy said the application will help increase the company’s competitiveness, as it allows them to reach more customers.

“There is no doubt that technology is transforming people’s everyday lives. Being just a tap away enables us to reach more travelers and take them to their desired destination, forging stronger ties with our passengers,” he added.

“With time being precious and being out in public is sometimes a health/safety issue, more passengers will welcome this innovation to book and pay tickets on their own, at their most convenient time.”

He noted that the digital transformation is also essential for attracting and retaining talent within Chelsea, as they see the group’s efforts to address customer needs and remain competitive.

The group also sees its move as setting standards within the maritime industry in terms of digital transformation.

“We are focused on our vision which is to be the finest shipping and logistics company known for its unrivaled customer service,” Mr. Damuy said.

“Chelsea Travel will decongest the lines at our ticketing offices, promote hassle-free and advance booking, and enable our customer service team to focus on more productive and strategic tasks that will cater to the needs of passengers,” he added. — Arjay L. Balinbin