SL AGRITECH Corp. is ramping up efforts to enhance hybrid rice technology in the country to further boost production and provide more income for farmers.

“Our team is committed to pioneering research and development initiatives with the hope to continuously discover high-yielding rice varieties that would meet the demand of our countrymen while uplifting the lives of our farmers,” SL Agritech Senior Vice-President Michelle L. Gankee said in a statement.

“With these varieties, we are one step ahead of battling the threat of food shortages because farmers can then produce rice crops with robust panicles and stems, which eventually translates to a higher yield,” she added.

The firm said it is helping farming communities through several agri-programs that aim to double or triple their harvest.

“Food stability in the Philippines has been a continuing problem that is projected to lead to a food crisis by the end of this year,” SL Agritech said.

“It is inevitable for public and private entities to work hand-in-hand in supporting the industry through sustainable initiatives that will help our farmers while stabilizing the prices of rice in the market,” it added.

In 2020, SL Agritech launched the Masaganang Ani 300 program which aimed to increase the country’s rice productivity. 

“Through the program, farmers were able to produce 300 to 339 cavans of rice, equivalent to more than 15 metric tons (MT) of rice production using hybrid rice seeds,” it added.

SL Agritech also previously launched the high-yielding SL-8H seed variety.

“Since then, other SL varieties have been introduced with new yields ranging from 7 to 15 MT per hectare that thrive even at the most unfavorable climatic condition,” it added.

SL Agritech Chief Executive Henry Lim Bon Liong said the firm’s technology is capable of meeting the country’s growing demand for rice.

“My goal, not just for SL Agritech but also for the country, is to enable the utilization of hybrid rice technology that would boost our rice production while increasing the net income of our farmers,” he added.

SL Agritech is engaged in the research, development, production and distribution of hybrid rice seed and premium quality rice. — Luisa Maria Jacinta C. Jocson