ALLDAY Marts, Inc. has rolled out “smart carts,” which gives in-store customers detailed information about their grocery items right after the product is placed inside their cart.

“This puts even more convenience and information about what they are buying in real time, right at their fingertips,” AllDay Vice-Chairman Camille A. Villar said in a statement on Wednesday.

“More importantly, introducing these smart carts helps raise the bar for the local supermarket landscape, driving home our point that Filipino consumers now prefer experiential shopping, and we are of course happy to deliver,” she added.

AllDay’s smart cart automatically scans the items placed inside the cart, showing customers prices and other information about the product on its user interface.

The cart also generates a real-time total of the shopper’s products. AllDay said this lets shoppers “monitor and compare against their budget, or their shopping list for that particular trip.”

Aside from smart carts, AllDay also introduced new services amid the pandemic, such as its Personal Shopper Service and personal self-checkout counters. The company is also planning to improve its e-commerce platform,

“The importance of continuous improvement of our services and experiences remains a top business priority for us, right alongside expanding our store network and bringing our established elevated in-store customer experience to even more communities all over the country,” Ms. Villar said.

AllDay now has 35 stores across the country. The company is aiming to have 45 by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, AllDay shares at the stock market slipped by 1.92% or a centavo on Wednesday, closing at 51 centavos per share. — Keren Concepcion G. Valmonte