By Arjay L. Balinbin, Senior Reporter

AUSTRALIA-LISTED cloud technology solution provider JCurve Solutions Ltd. is targeting various sectors in the Philippines for its service management solution, quicta, including healthcare and logistics.

The company said quicta allows businesses to automate their end-to-end processes and optimize their operations and resources. Its target sectors in the Philippines include healthcare, consumer, transportation & logistics, professional, and retail & distribution services.

“Each of these industries has a service component that our solution can fulfill,” Arthur Fernandez, chief growth officer at JCurve, told BusinessWorld in a recent e-mail interview.

The ability to manage multiple parties is a key feature of quicta. “By seamlessly bridging this gap, it’s easier to provide a great customer experience, and retaining customers becomes more achievable,” he said.

Being a mobile-first solution, quicta adapts to any device without the need for an application.

“One surprise is that quicta users do not need to download an app,” Mr. Fernandez said. “Today’s businesses understand the true nature of what you can do with technology without having to download yet another app to the device and have the headache of managing it or worrying about constant fixes and updates.”

Asked what made JCurve decide to launch quicta in the Philippines, he said: “We see several businesses growing in the service industry but not necessarily having the tools or budget to build custom apps.”

“quicta having a configurable solution is easily adaptable to any service provider to complete their processes and sustain a high level of customer engagement,” he added.

JCurve announced in June its acquisition of the business assets of Philippine-based digital marketing company Creative Quest, as part of its expansion efforts in the country and the Southeast Asian region.

JCurve Solutions entered the Philippine market in 2019. It also has an office in Singapore.

“We have just started within the Philippines and are growing. The key challenge we face is meeting the right price point for our customers,” Mr. Fernandez said.

“Every industry is different in how they price for their customers; therefore, we must find a fine balance of not ‘eating’ into their cost of sale. The key takeaway is that we are flexible in working with our customers to provide the best solution possible.”

On the company’s future plans for quicta, he said: “We have a road map of which a few key futures include ‘out of the box’ integration with ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions, multiple payment options, and enhanced workflow.”