Manila Electric Co. (Meralco) and Amber Kinetics Philippines, Inc. have teamed up to introduce the use of long-duration flywheel energy storage systems in line with the country’s efforts to transition to clean energy.

In a news release on Thursday, Amber Kinetics said the partnership with Meralco “paves the way for a clean energy future in the Philippines as both companies envision the same sustainability agenda.”

Meralco subsidiary Meralco Industrial Engineering Services Corp. has recently secured an engineering, procurement, and construction deal with Amber Kinetics for the latter’s testing area for its flywheel energy storage system.

The testing area will allow Amber Kinetics to ramp up its production of the flywheel energy storage system to boost the country’s capacity for clean energy.

Meralco aims to develop about 1,500 megawatts (MW) of clean energy over the next seven years while still providing its customers with sufficient and power supply. This brought about the creation of Meralco Power Tech where innovative energy solutions are developed to maximize the Philippines’ green energy capacity.

Amber Kinetics is an expert in clean energy storage technologies. With its latest innovation, the long-duration flywheel energy storage system, it said “the company bridges the gap between traditional energy and energy generated from natural resources.”

The company’s energy storage system features a “four-hour discharge duration, non-degradation in performance, and long lifespan, with the flywheel clocking in at a 30-year design life.”

The technology of the system itself is also sustainable as it is made up of recyclable steel and does not contain nor emit any hazardous materials.

Shares in Meralco at the stock exchange went up by 0.33% or P1 on Thursday to close at P301 apiece. — Bianca Angelica D. Añago