AUTOMATION through cloud-based software company Salesforce has helped Globe Telecom, Inc. reduce delayed projects to just over 1% from more than half, a company official said.

“With Salesforce, our teams are working on thousands of opportunities at a time. With the visibility and automation, we have reduced neglected initiatives from 57% to 1.8% and reduced delayed projects from 53% to 1.1%,” Peter Maquera, senior vice-president at Globe’s Enterprise Group, told BusinessWorld in a recent e-mail interview.

Salesforce works with Globe to automate the telco’s business-to-business (B2B) sales. Salesforce said Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud are among the tools that help Globe address its challenges, especially during the pandemic crisis.

Customer complaints, according to Globe, have become easier to handle as a result of automation.

“In B2B for example, we use Salesforce Service Cloud to provide after-sales assurance on our wireline circuits. Customers can reach out to us through multiple channels such as voice, e-mail, or chat. And since the assurance managers and account managers are on the same system, they can work together to be more responsive and insightful to customers and their concerns regardless of where they are working,” Mr. Maquera said.

He noted that Globe’s enterprise customers are most concerned about a prolonged pandemic scenario and how to reinvent their business models.

“We saw and continue to experience a surge in demand for higher speeds in connectivity, home broadband, cloud, cybersecurity, and applications development, particularly for e-commerce,” he said.

“The pandemic accelerated the realization of the importance of being digital to be resilient, to be able to work from anywhere, and to continue to stay in touch and serve your customers,” he added.

With the ongoing public health crisis, business leaders now recognize the level of risk that their companies will be exposed to if they do not have a digital strategy in place, Mr. Maquera.

“Whether B2B or B2C, customers need to accelerate their efforts to become digital and build direct, trusted relationships with their customers. For so many companies in the digital economy, it is a matter of survival,” he said. — Arjay L. Balinbin